The DREYER SYSTEM GmbH was established October 17th 1977 and taken over by their present owners Jochen Erhardt and Ingo Schmidt in April 2000. Until the company was taken over the core business was focused on distribution activities for card reader, thermal printer, displays and other input/output devices. From April 2000 onwards the focus of our business activities changed in a way to provide more customized solutions for our customers. Strengthening enginering and manufacturing capabilities to meet our customers individual needs. In 2004 a new business segment “Thermal Management Solutions based on Natural Graphite” was established.


The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2015








Customer satisfaction is the focus of our considerations. To achieve this goal, it requires the dedicated work of all involved parties (suppliers, manufacturing partners, employees, consultants ...). Motivating them, establishing a positive working environment are most important responsibilities of the companies management. Only by doing so we are able to ensure the long-term economic sustainability of our company.




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