Thermal Interface Materials made from graphite. Performance will not degrade over time.

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Gap Filler

Soft materials available in thickness up to 10 mm. Electrically not conductive.

Up to 4.5 W/mK.

Gap Pad

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Thermal Tapes

Double side adhesive thermal tapes. Die cut pads on rolls or single sheets available.

High thermal conductivity.

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Phase Change Material

For low pressure applications.

Lowest thermal impedance. Pads can be die cut and optional one side adhesive.

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The selection of the suitable thermal interface material in the design of modern devices could be quite challenging. First, the diversity of materials available is enormous, on the other hand aspects such as processability in production (process safety), long-term behavior and costs should also be considered. With more than 10 years experience in thermal management solutions, continuous expansion of our product portfolio, we support our customers from the design-in to mass production. We  supply custom stampings on rolls or as individual pads for a variety of applications in many different industries.

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